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Odie Morris

Odie was a scruffy little dude that was all personality. He loved going on rides, cuddling, and of course eating anything you’d give him. His favorite thing was apples and the left over milk from cereal. He loved sitting in my lap as I did my make up and was my cuddle bug. There will never be another one of him and it’s the worlds loss that he isn’t here. He was his big brother’s (Simba) sidekick and they were a dynamic duo. He was loved by everyone he met and he loved everyone twice as much. He got the zoomies every time someone came over because he thought they come to just see him (which might be true). His life got cut short because he was attacked, but he lived a very loved 6 1/2 years on this earth, and has some amazing angels up in heaven to make sure he’s loved there.
My heart is broken and there will always be a spot just for you. Until we can go on another ride dude. I love you oh so much and I’ll miss you even more.

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