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Jericho “Jerry” Roberts

Jericho, a.k.a Jerry, was the sweetest dog you could have ever met. He loved everyone right off the bat, it didn’t matter who you were. He would greet you the first time by trying to jump on your legs and then running back to me. He would repeat this process three more times until he sat next to you, and demanded pets and wanted to give you all the kisses he could. Jerry knew how to make any one feel instantly better. He would sit in my lap for hours on end, comforting me through anxiety attacks and sending me into laughing fits. Jerry would apply this with anyone who was remotely feeling any negative emotion. In true support fashion, he took your troubles and made them his own. Jerry spent the first three years of his life with a family that admittedly could not take care of him. Once he was no longer in their care, my family found him at the local shelter and knew he needed to part of the family. Jerry spent every moment he could for the next four years glued to my side. Wherever I went, Jerry was not too far behind.
Jericho’s life was cut short on August 16, 2021 after a fatal attack. He is survived by his adoptive dog brother Roscoe, his adoptive cat brother Karma, and myself. Jerry lived a happy and full life, and is loved even in passing. He touched the hearts of many with his personality and loyalty.

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