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Gunner Lamb

Gunner Lee was born on May 8, 2015 in El Dorado, Arkansas. He was then brought home to a family who loved him dearly. He is preceded in death by his brother Domino, our male cat of 18 years. Gunner is survived by his dog mom and dad, Crystal and Josh, his two sisters, Kirsten and Madison, and his brother Josh Jr. However, that’s not where his family stops. Gunner also has three other dachshund sisters: Faith, Layla, and Gracie.

Gunner was special from the moment we brought him home. He was a pup with wild hair that is rare to find in a dachshund. He loved to give you “paws up”, steal toys/treats and hide them under the bed, and he was by far the best thief of his sister’s things. Gunner loved the holidays. Holidays meant treats and toys. On Easter, he would hunt his own eggs that were full of goodies inside. On Christmas, he would always have his own stocking which he loved to pull his gifts out of. Sometimes he liked it a little too much to help his sisters out if they’d let him. Not too long ago, Gunner got sick. Unexpectedly, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. We began to notice as the time went by, our sweet boy who was always very playful and energetic was tired. We hated seeing him tired and not himself. He no longer wanted the treats he use to love and beg us for. Gunner got sicker and sicker more and more each day. On June 18, 2021 Gunner passed with his family by his side. We did not want to let you go Gunner.

You will always be a part of our family. Because our pets are all a part of our family. We will always love you and will always miss you. You have forever changed our lives Gunner Lee Lamb.

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