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Jae Rue Thomas

I rescued JR from a shop in Howard Co. AR back in 2016. She was the most beautifully colored Tortie ever! As she got older she developed anemia and required a transfusion. She was so vocal and had a raptor meow that would melt you in your tracks! In Feb. 2021 she became ill again and was suffering from AOL (adult onset leukemia). Dr. Kemp at Care Pet Clinic administered a Hail Mary series of meds do we could spend some quality time loving on Jae Rue. During the weekend of March 20th the meds wore off and the sobering truth that she was not going to make it set in. On Mar. 22nd we asked Dr. Kemp to do the inevitable. Afterwards we requested Pet Passages to do the cremation for us. By the end of the week Dr. Kemp called us to pick up Jae Rue. We were pleasantly surprised about the care and professionalism Pet Passages provided us in the dignity of the procedure and memorial to our Jae Rue. God Bless you all, and thank you for comforting us during Jae Rues crossing g of the Rainbow Bridge.

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